Raphael H.W.Wilczek



Painter, Author, Actor 





Born 1951 in Bavaria, Germany.

Raised in Günzburg a 2007 years old city, founded by the romans. Günzburg is a beautifull middleage city, one of the residences of former empress of Austria, Maria Theresia.


First contact and impressions with old buildings, churches, castles and paintings.


1967 went to Munich, to study (performing art) at Munich new actors school.


Author for Heyne/Moewig Publishing (Comics: Popeye, Flash Gordon)


1971 Theatre for three years on Staedt. Buehnen Osnabrueck.

1975 Gueststar on the theatre in Baden-Baden.



1975 marrige with Suzanne Doucet (, Suzanne


1978 Suzanne and Raphael brougt “Finians Rainbow” ( Yip Harburg/Burtan Lane) to german theatres.


Musical ( Bobby Fat, the fattest phantom of the world) as a longplay, release by Polydor. Story by Raphael Wilczek, Lyrics and music by Suzanne Doucet.


Longplay (go, juergen, jump! ), Novel by Doralies Huettner,released by Polydor.


wrote Miniseries for the bavarien TV (I do not know, which job is right for me!) 5 parts


Childrenshow on PRO 7  ( WUFF )


Analytical psychology at Avalom- teaching-researchinstitut/ Dr. Friedrich W. Doucet


lectures by Dr.Werner Engel / New York.

lectures by Dr. James Kirsch / Los Angeles.


Acting in over 100 TV-Productions IMDB

Information under google ( Raphael Wilczek )



by Czeck painter MIROSLAV SASEK


Studies in Spain ,Marocco, Eagypth, Tunesia, Hungary, Tchechoslovakia, France, England, USA, Australia, New Sealand and nine month through the southsea.






2006 exebition in raphaelart gallery in Munich.


2007 charityexebition in Munich-Gruenwald for

Gruenwald Hilft e.V.


Charityexebition for the Tierschutzverein Muenchen-Riem. 165 years anniversary.


Charityexebition for 110 years anniversary of

Kastner AG, Wolnzach


Vernisage (here&now and smile ) , October 30-th,2007 in the Policlinic of the Luwig Maximilian University in Munich





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